Mini Champs 2013 in Canterbury

A & V Rhythmic Gymnastics Club took place in Mini Champs 2013 on 27th April at the City of Canterbury Rhythmic gymnastics Club.
75 gymnasts competedat the Mini Champs competition, all in their age groups: 2006, 2005, 2004 and 2003. They were not divided by ability, training hours or experience. Some of the gymnasts were in their very first competition to gain valuable experience and enjoying performing in front of audience, others, were alreadyseasoned competitors. A&V participated with a total of 10 gymnasts, for 6 of them this was their first competition. Nevertheless our team has made our club proud receiving 4 medals. 

All group

Erika Abalhanova DOB 2006 – Gold (first competition)
Elina Dufenyuk DOB 2006 – Bronze (first competition)
Marfa Ekimova, DOB 2005 – Bronze – hoop routine
Emilija Burbuleviciute DOB 2004 – Bronze – Ball routine (first competition)
Thais Guness DOB 2005 – 4th place – hoop routine
Mimaru Tanaka DOB 2004 – 4th place – ball routine (first competition)
Ruby Tailor DOB 2005 – free routine (first competition)
Jaime Lewis DOB 2003 – hoop routine (first competition)
Semira Iovine DOB 2004 – free routine
Liana Mincenko DOB 2004 – free routine

Well done everyone. Special thanks to their coaches Martina Malgeri and Jana Rudova.

Erika and Elina medalsEmiliya medalMarfa medal All group 2