English Championship 2017

Amazing results for A&V at English Championship 2017.
Under 11 – Evin Gold in Ball, Bronze in Overall
Under 12 – Marfa Silver in Clubs, Bronze in Free and Silver overall
Well done to Marfa, Evin and Chloe for giving their best!
We are really proud of you. More to come πŸ’ͺπŸΌπŸ†πŸ…
Marfa overallEvin goldEvin bronze oiverall3 girlsGroup photoMarfa Second

Dilyana Prima Competition, Bulgaria

Congratulation to all gymnasts who travelled to Dilyana Prima Competition, Bulgaria on 24-25th June.
A & V team brought back: 4 Gold, 8 Silver, 3 Bronze medals, 3 trophies and Miss Tournament Award!!!
Well done girls and coaches!
Many thanks to Dilyana Prima for great hospitality!!!

Older girls groupYounger girls groupLily start ribbonLisa BalanceWith Reneta Kamberlova

National Grades Final

Amazing results of NDP final:
Elina – 3rd in Rope – Grade 6
Evin -2nd in Ball and Overall – Grade 6
Chloe – 1st in Ribbon – Grade 8
Jelizaveta – 1st in Hoop, 3rd in Ball and 3rd Overall – Grade10
Good performances by all AV gymnasts:
Joey, Lisa, Olivia, Thais and Gabija Well done to AV team!!!
Evin elina and OliviaChloe with medalLisa with medalJoeyLusaElina poseOlivia posethais poseAlina Lisa Gabija and naazmi

London Spring cup 2017

A & V Rhythmic gymnasts won 14 gold, 10 silver and 10 bronze medals and 16 trophies – very proud for the girls.
253 gymnasts competed in 32 groups performing chosen apparatus. It was huge competition not only in gymnasts numbers but also in talent.
Big thank you to coaches, judges and all volunteers. All of you were stars.

Morning groupCanada Water thursday form1
Parade first sessionparade session 2judgesLisaVolunteersNational Russiabolotina

London Spring Cup 2017

Dear sport friends I am very happy to confirm that 27 clubs from 15 countries will attend London Spring Cup.
Registration to Spring Club is closed.
London Spring Cup poster small