Your membership 1.10.17 – 30.09.18

Dear All,
It’s time to complete your British Gymnastics membership and Club and region affiliation for the new membership year.
All club members need to become members of British Gymnastics, the national governing body for gymnastics in the UK.
The British Gymnastics membership process has changed recently and you’ll need to register via the British Gymnastics website.
To complete the process you would have to enter some personal details to create your member account, you also need to confirm the name of the club – A & V Rhythmic gymnastics Club & main type of gymnastics – Rhythmic gymnastics.
A & V Rhythmic club has chosen option – Membership payable to the Club. Therefore you do not make payment to British gymnastics, you make payment to the Club.

British Gymnastics have issued information of a customer service team to help and support the process of applying for membership a little more easier.
Their customer support team will be readily available, with extended hours for the first week of October.  Please direct all your related queries directly to them.
Extended hours;
Sunday 1st October: 10am-4pm
Monday 2nd October to Thursday 5th October: 8am-7pm
Friday 6th October 8am-6.30pm
Contact Customer Services:
by phone 0345 129 7129
by email at customerservice@british-gym
in live chat on our website www.british-gymnastics .org

Payment by childcare vouchers

Friendship Society accept online payments of childcare vouchers for A & V Rhythmic classes.
Friendship Society is registered with the following organisations and childcare providers:
Edenred – Ref: P21017963
Computershare – Ref: 0018908607
Sodexo – Ref: 839030
Enjoy Benefits – Ref: EY428680
Care 4 – Ref: 27532169
Fidelity – Ref: FAM006C
Faircare – Ref: FRIE0917
Please add ref of child surname.

British Championship 2017

Congratulations to Marfa Ekimova for competing at the British Championship 2017 and for winning 5 bronze medals in Free, Ball, Clubs, Ribbon and Overall!
We couldn’t be prouder of your amazing results!
Marfa with medals best

Butterfly Cup Competition 2017

Great results for A & V team at Butterfly Cup Competition:
Under 9 Level 1:
Karina – Gold
Martina – Silver
Under 10, level 1 — Ball
Sofia T – Silver
Under 12, level 2 – Ball
Sofia R. – Silver
Very proud for every gymnast routine, huge thanks to coaches and judges!!!
All group on Butterfly cupB Group with medalsB Sophia Julia and GabijaGroup of 3 morning

English Championship 2017

Amazing results for A&V at English Championship 2017.
Under 11 – Evin Gold in Ball, Bronze in Overall
Under 12 – Marfa Silver in Clubs, Bronze in Free and Silver overall
Well done to Marfa, Evin and Chloe for giving their best!
We are really proud of you. More to come 💪🏼🏆🏅
Marfa overallEvin goldEvin bronze oiverall3 girlsGroup photoMarfa Second

Dilyana Prima Competition, Bulgaria

Congratulation to all gymnasts who travelled to Dilyana Prima Competition, Bulgaria on 24-25th June.
A & V team brought back: 4 Gold, 8 Silver, 3 Bronze medals, 3 trophies and Miss Tournament Award!!!
Well done girls and coaches!
Many thanks to Dilyana Prima for great hospitality!!!

Older girls groupYounger girls groupLily start ribbonLisa BalanceWith Reneta Kamberlova