Our Philosophy

The philosophy of our Club is very simple – to help children to achieve more in their lives and to shape their brighter futures. Through our classes of rhythmic gymnastics, kids will acquire a set of skills that they can apply to anything that they do. That is, learning how to be a team player is important when co-operating with children at school, working with teachers and, later in life, co-workers. Learning self-discipline, which is so important in any sport, is a vital skill for anyone. Learning how to be self-disciplined at a young age means that it is likely to become a habit and be of great assistance during studies and adulthood.

Becoming stronger physically and building greater stamina means better health and self-confidence. Staying active outside of school hours, whilst learning something new and being in a group of adults and children who are motivated to achieve and to develop everyone’s potential, provides each child with a positive environment.

“Intelligence plus character – that is the true goal of education” Martin Luther King

 Galina Artek

Director – Galina Clark