Zone A Grading & Open Championship

Zone A Grading & Open Championship 24-25th March.
Evin Young – under 12 Zone Grade Champion. (Evin was training in Du-Gym).
At Open Championship A & V gymnasts won 7 Gold, 4 Silver and 8 Bronze medals. Very proud of all girls taking part in A Grading and Open Championship.

1st London Rhythmic Championship

1st London Rhythmic Gymnastics Championship 28-29th February.
Great achievement by A & V Rhythmic Club gymnasts:
7 Bronze medals, 5 Silver medals and 11 Gold medals.
Well done girls!

Tallinn Tournament, Estonia

We are very proud of girls performance at Tallinn Tournament, Estonia: –
Lily – 2nd in Ball, and 6th in Clubs
Lisa – 2nd in Ball and 5th in Clubs
Viktoria – 3rd in Ball and 4th in Clubs
Siham – 4th in Ball and 8th in Clubs
Lysandra -8th Free
Sabrina – 4th Free
Vasilisa – 6th Free
Atene -7th Free
Anastasia – 2nd Free
Ema – GOLD for bravery.
Children visited Estonia Theatre to see – Nutcracker
and spent time exploring old Tallinn.
Great team = great company!

Half term break

Dear Parents just to re-confirm classes will take place in Greenwich, Woolwich and Canada Water during half term. In Townley classes will take place on Saturday 28.10.17 and Sunday 29.10.17.
Autumn camp from 9.00 a.m to 3 p.m
on Monday/23.10.17 -Friday/27.10.17.
Information about camp is on parents facebook group. If you have any further questions regarding camp – please call: 07973 512536
From 28.10.17 Townley – normal timetable.

Payment by childcare vouchers

Friendship Society accept online payments of childcare vouchers for A & V Rhythmic classes.
Friendship Society is registered with the following organisations and childcare providers:
Edenred – Ref: P21017963
Computershare – Ref: 0018908607
Sodexo – Ref: 839030
Enjoy Benefits – Ref: EY428680
Care 4 – Ref: 27532169
Fidelity – Ref: FAM006C
Faircare – Ref: FRIE0917
Please add ref of child surname.

British Championship 2017

Congratulations to Marfa Ekimova for competing at the British Championship 2017 and for winning 5 bronze medals in Free, Ball, Clubs, Ribbon and Overall!
We couldn’t be prouder of your amazing results!
Marfa with medals best