Summer break

Dear Parents, gymnasts and coaches!
I wish you all the best for your summer vacation. May all the happiness in the world embrace you, let your fun be unlimited with friends and family.

Classes will resume:
Townley Grammar School – 7th September 2018
Mycenae House – 11th September 2018
Royal Arsenal – 13th September 2018
Canada Water – 13th September 2018

Internationa Summer Camp organised by Sport Academy of Irina Viner.

A & V team attended International Summer camp organised by Sport Academy of Irina Viner in Czech Republic.
5 gymnasts and Irina enjoyed new challenge, all girls worked very hard and got inspired by International Stars!
Vera Sesina — Honoured Master of Sports of Russia, repeated World Champion and European Champion in team classification and events. European Woman’s All-Around Champion of 2006, Judge of International Level
Marina Shpekht — Master of Sports of International Level, Member of the Russian Olympic Team at the Olympic Games in Beijing, Winner and Prizer of the World Cup Series from 2005 to 2009. (1-3 shifts), Judge of International Level

Butterfly cup 2018

Congratulations to A&V girls with great success in Butterfly cup on 15.07.2018

Atene – gold free
Anastasia Garkusha- gold free
Mila – gold free
Veronika – gold ball
Viktorija – gold clubs
Sabrina – silver free
Greta – silver free
Anastasia Stoyanova -silver free
Wendy – silver ball
Maya – bronze free
Aiste – bronze ball
A&V club is very proud of you!!
Big thank you to all coaches, judges, parents and Galina for great support and patience!!!


Ballet exam

Exceptional work by Lucy – Ballet teacher.
Her little ballet stars did amazing in their exam with 2 Distinctions and 6 Merits on their first ballet exam 💕

Zone A Grading & Open Championship

Zone A Grading & Open Championship 24-25th March.
Evin Young – under 12 Zone Grade Champion. (Evin was training in Du-Gym).
At Open Championship A & V gymnasts won 7 Gold, 4 Silver and 8 Bronze medals. Very proud of all girls taking part in A Grading and Open Championship.

1st London Rhythmic Championship

1st London Rhythmic Gymnastics Championship 28-29th February.
Great achievement by A & V Rhythmic Club gymnasts:
7 Bronze medals, 5 Silver medals and 11 Gold medals.
Well done girls!

Tallinn Tournament, Estonia

We are very proud of girls performance at Tallinn Tournament, Estonia: –
Lily – 2nd in Ball, and 6th in Clubs
Lisa – 2nd in Ball and 5th in Clubs
Viktoria – 3rd in Ball and 4th in Clubs
Siham – 4th in Ball and 8th in Clubs
Lysandra -8th Free
Sabrina – 4th Free
Vasilisa – 6th Free
Atene -7th Free
Anastasia – 2nd Free
Ema – GOLD for bravery.
Children visited Estonia Theatre to see – Nutcracker
and spent time exploring old Tallinn.
Great team = great company!