Rhythmic Gymnastics Club has been founded by the Friendship Society and it is registered with the British Gymnastics Association (registration No.80780). A&V stands for Amicitia & Validus , which in Latin means " Friendship and Mighty ".

You can find out more about rhythmic gymnastics on the website of the British Gymnastics Association .

We believe that all children can achieve a lot in rhythmic gymnastics, if they have the support of professional trainers and are surrounded by similar minded friends. A&V Rhythmic Gymnastics Club wishes to help every child to succeed in rhythmic gymnastics and have an opportunity to have access to this great sporting activity, which will help them in many ways in everyday life.


RG Professional new carpet

12 m. sufffiecient height for rhythmic gymanstics

33m x 22 m sufficient space for 50 gymnasts

Rhythmic Gymnastics equipement for recreational gymnasts

Audio systems

Ballet studio with bars and wall mirrow

Changing rooms

Free parking

Excellence, Fitness, Friendship

Award winners

Night of the Stars

A & V Rhythmic Club at the Night of the Stars Event.

Gymnasts performed their “Party” routine with grace, artistry and precision.

Awards were awarded to:

Marfa Ekimova – silver master gymnast
Sophia Clark – bronze master gymnast
Lisa Caton – silver coach
Galina Clark – bronze  judge


Night of the stars AV performance1Alicia and Rachel1group with Monika1Rachel1Anastasia1girlsFinishing pose group

Group in Lion king outfits

Gymnastique Magique, Disneyland -Paris 2015

In October 12 members from A & V Rhythmic Gymnastics Club travelled to Disneyland Paris, to take part in Gymnastique Magique – a competition hosted by the International Festival of Dance & Performing Arts (IFDPA). Open to gymnastics clubs from across Europe, the girls from A & V won 5 trophies. Girls also received 3 – special trophies for Friendship:

Second place in Disney Junior group category,

Third place in Open Junior  category,

Alicia won second place at Senior solo,

Rachel won third place in Junior solo,

Hannah won first place in Baby solo.

Rachel, Diya and Diana received  Special Friendship trophies.

All girls took part in the Disney Pre-Parade along the park’s Main Street, USA, bringing everyone together for a final magical experience.

Congratulations to all girls for great performance!!!

Special thanks to coaches Monika and Svetlana for taking such great care of all the girls!!


Gorup with Mikii oneParade 2ParadeHannah and GracieLiong king outfits with caracterCertificates on stage

Night in Natural History Museum.

Group 2


A & V Rhythmic team travelled to the Natural History Museum for Dino Snores. Children from A & V Rhythmic squad spent nigth in the Natural History Museum on 18th September. Everyone had  great time. Kids stalked the Museum’s corridors as night descended with a towering Tyrannosaurus rex in the shadows. The best  part was to take part in  a torch-lit trail of the Dinosaurs gallery. Children  designed their own dinosaur T-shirt to take home, and enjoyed a live science show with a Museum expert. It was imforgettable experiance!!!

By the gate

Night main hall overview