Rhythmic Gymnastics Club has been founded by the Friendship Society and it is registered with the British Gymnastics Association (registration No.80780). A&V stands for Amicitia & Validus , which in Latin means " Friendship and Mighty ".

You can find out more about rhythmic gymnastics on the website of the British Gymnastics Association .

We believe that all children can achieve a lot in rhythmic gymnastics, if they have the support of professional trainers and are surrounded by similar minded friends. A&V Rhythmic Gymnastics Club wishes to help every child to succeed in rhythmic gymnastics and have an opportunity to have access to this great sporting activity, which will help them in many ways in everyday life.


RG Professional new carpet

12 m. sufffiecient height for rhythmic gymanstics

33m x 22 m sufficient space for 50 gymnasts

Rhythmic Gymnastics equipement for recreational gymnasts

Audio systems

Ballet studio with bars and wall mirrow

Changing rooms

Free parking

Excellence, Fitness, Friendship

Autumn term

A & V Rhythmic gymnastics classes will resume on  3rd September 2015.

Rotherhithe Center – 3rd September 2015

Townley Grammar School – 4th September 2015

Joan Roan School – 8th September 2015

Youth and Family center, Erith – 13th September 2015

The Royal Docks Community School – 12th September 2015

Please make sure that fees are paid before the start of the term.         An annual British gymnastics membership is due in September.